Legal Practice Principles

For the rendering of our services we follow four basic principles:

Deep and comprehensive business perspective 

In order to offer adequate legal advice, we make sure to understand all business details and circumstances involved, just as if we were the client himself. This enables us to look after all legal and non legal aspects of the business transaction, and communicate and argue comprehensively the context of a dispute. We make sure that the client obtains a real benefit, and not a pure legal success.

Close collaboration

At the beginning of each new case, we establish together with you a strategy and working plan, as well as a budget. During the course of the case, we remain in constant communication with you to make sure that you are posted of all progress and stages of the matter.

Credibility and reputation

It is our policy to be firm and active in defending your interests; but always maintaining our credibility and reputation, as well as yours. We avoid using superfluous and weak strategies that distract the attention from the important issues thereby increasing your costs. At all times, we conduct ourselves with ethics and honesty in our legal advice to you and before your counterparts.

Responsiveness and efficiency

The structure of our firm allows us to give immediate and effective response to your needs. We value team work, but avoid involving superfluous personnel. We identify those accessory services that may be outsourced with third parties in order to minimize your costs. At all times, we seek to look after and optimize your resources.