ADR Consulting


International studies demonstrate that companies that have dispute resolution guidelines achieve a more efficient solution of their disputes and considerable reduction of the costs deriving from the solution of their conflicts.

Accordingly, OGRLAW advises its clients in making wise decisions at the time of choosing a dispute resolution mechanism.

By identifying the characteristics and type of legal relationship between the parties, as well as the priorities and objectives that the client pursues, OGRLAW designs dispute resolution guidelines for the company with the purpose of permitting an early and efficient solution of disputes. The foregoing is accomplished through the use of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms (ADR) such as mediation, conciliation and arbitration.

Recent experiences:

  • Design of dispute resolution guidelines specifically for the needs of a company of the automotive sector.


  • Design of dispute resolution guidelines for a company of the telecommunications sector, considering the different contractual relations in which it is involved.


  • Workshops for companies’ personnel in the use and practice of the guidelines and learning of negotiation techniques and basic concepts of mediation and arbitration.


  • Design of a dispute resolution policy in a project of self regulation sponsored by the World Bank for the Mexican Association of Specialized Financial Entities (Asociación Mexicana de Entidades Financieras Especializadas or AMFE).